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My name is Klaudette Spencer. I was born in the worst snow storm 1998 had to offer a small Midwest city like Gary Indiana.I was the last baby to make a home in my mothers womb, after she successfully delivered 4. This makes me the youngest and the funniest. I am honestly the coolest person I know. As most of the women in my campus community would say, however,  I'm "the youngest old woman they have ever met." I'm not sure if this entitles me to the same feeling of being the coolest, but I graciously accept my contradictory status of young and old. This title is not just because I love turtlenecks. Sadly. I have received the title of an old woman presumably because of my "auntie behavior" as most would name it. "Auntie Behavior" is behavior specifically targeted to the social, political, and economic advancement of nieces and nephews. I presume, in my case of Auntie Behavior, it is specifically targeted to the advancement of my community.

As a black woman in America, who has grown into my own consciousness, I feel it is my duty to do work that empowers and uplifts our communities and after my Bigma died in 2017 my life changed so drastically. I wondered, what had life been like for her before I  knew her? Who really was this woman who dedicated 19 years of her life to me? Who was she before I existed? What is her story? I spent a great deal of my time sitting with the fact that I did not know enough about her. So, like any reasonable inquisitive, fierce, nerdy, researcher I started to ask the people closest to me questions. They did not have many answers, and I hated the way they told her story. It was never full. There were always gaps in the story, spaces, question marks where experiences should be. 

  I wish from the bottom of my heart that my grandmother would’ve written a book about her life just so I  could tell everyone her story, in her own words. There are so many other Grandmothers, (or women who will eventually be somebody’s grandmother lol) who have already written out their stories. In their own words. I  think it’s time we read them.

College Career Bio ​

     In 2020 I graduated from the illustrious Philander Smith College with a bachelors degree in Political Science. As a student at Philander, my biggest accomplishments have always been in service to the great people of my institution. I have served my campus community in many ways, and I will carry that service with me for the rest of my life! 
   My freshman year on campus, I worked with the Philander Smith College Social Justice institute, as a peer coach, to remediate peers who were falling behind in courses. I also represented the Freshman class as Miss Freshman. I began my tenure in Student Government Association the moment I stepped on campus. I started out as simply an SGA intern in 2016. As the years progressed, I was elected Student Senator of Campus and Grounds and Junior Class President. While in SGA, I served as the President of another important campus organization, Residential Hall Association. My passion for residential life grew from there, and I served as a Resident Assistant for 2 and a half unforgettable years.  

    In 2017, I interned in the office of the Arkansas Democratic Party.  That same year, I became a founding member of the Political Action Committee, Arkansas Youth for Progressive change. The First Ladies “When we all vote” campaign began in 2018, and prompted me to volunteer. As a volunteer, I Assisted in registering about 150 Philander students to vote. 

        In the Fall of 2017, I was Initiated into the Gamma Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. 

The following summer, in 2018, I received a fellowship with an anti-poverty organization entitled RESULTS. 

In the spring of 2019, I  received an internship in the office of then Senator Kamala D. Harris. In 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic, I  completed my tenure at Philander Smith College, graduating Summa Cum Laude with my bachelor of arts in Political Science. 

I began an MPS program at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University in the fall of 2022​!

Oh yeah, And I'm a writer!

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